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What Are Night Sweats?

We've all experienced the occasional night sweat - you know, waking up drenched in perspiration, sheets soaked. But when do night sweats become something more than a one-off occurrence? 🥵

Night sweats, known medically as sleep hyperhidrosis, are repeated episodes of extreme sweating during sleep. We're not talking a little mild moisture here - night sweats will leave your pajamas and bedding wringing wet.

So what causes these drenching night sweats? A few different things, actually:

"Night sweats are uncomfortable as heck, but they can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition that needs treatment. Don't just resign yourself to sleeping in a puddle - get it checked out!" - Dr. Sarah Stevens, Hormone Harmony Clinic

As you can see, night sweats aren't something to take lightly if they're happening regularly. While occasional night sweats may just be from your bedroom being too hot or heated bedding, recurring episodes could indicate a hormonal imbalance or more serious medical issue.

That's why at Hormone Harmony Clinic, we take night sweats seriously. Our experienced staff understands the potential causes and will work with you to:

✅ Diagnose any hormonal imbalances through comprehensive testing ✅ Rule out any underlying conditions that may be causing night sweats ✅ Develop a customized treatment plan to address the root cause ✅ Provide hormonal therapies and medications to reduce night sweats

Don't just suffer through night after night of disruptive, soggy sleep. Let the caring professionals at Hormone Harmony Clinic get you back to sleeping cool, dry, and refreshed! Book your appointment today.

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